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Since being sent in mission is part of the Lutheran Church of Australia’s (LCA) identity rather than just one of its many programs, the work of Local Mission is to promote, resource and coordinate the growth of missional culture in all the diverse ministries of the LCA. Local Mission therefore has the same vision and mission as the Lutheran Church of Australia, namely…

Our vision is to see God’s love in Christ coming to life in people everywhere through a Lutheran Church that joyfully receives, lives and shares the gospel.


Our mission: God grows us as his people to a mature faith in Christ – a faith that come to life through effective witness and ministry – so that people everywhere may know Christ and his love.


The focus of Local Mission is on:


May you, by the work of the Spirit, be shaped by the gospel of grace, blessed by relationships, united by Christ, inspired by compassion and marked by integrity.

Tania Nelson

Executive Officer – Local Mission


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Executive Office – Local Mission

Dr Tania Nelson

Executive Officer – Local Mission



Mrs Ilona Kuss

Local Mission Administration Assistant



Local Mission Leadership Team

Dr Tania Nelson

Executive Officer – Local Mission



Mrs Jodi Brook

Director, Grow Ministries



Rev Richard Fox

Director, Lutheran Media



Rev Brian Shek

Asian Ministry Coordinator



Mr Dean Eaton

Church Planting Mentor and Mission Facilitator



Rev Brett Kennett


Pastor for Congregational Support in Vic-Tas

oversight of BLMiss African Ministry Support


Rev John O’Keefe


Director for Ministry and Mission in Qld and support for NSW


Rev Dr Steen Olsen

Director for Mission in SA-NT and support for WA



Rev Mark Whitfield


Bishop and Mission Director for the Lutheran Church of New Zealand