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Here are your bulletin notices and PowerPoint slideshows for Sunday 2 April 2017.

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Thank you for promoting LCA events, ministries and services within your congregation and community. By doing this, you are helping your members feel connected to their wider Lutheran family. Let us know if this service is working for you (or not) and if there's anything we can do to make this an easier job for you. We'd also love to hear your bright ideas for promoting the great things God is doing in our church.

Story of the Week (SOW)

This week's Story of the Week, 'God's deliverance: from war to peace'. A video will be available to view and download by Friday. Catch up on those you missed at Story of the Week.

Every week we'll bring you a story about an LCA/NZ person, family, congregation, community or agency that is a place where God’s love comes to life. (We can't always guarantee we'll be able to produce a video clip, but we'll try our best.) Please help to spend the message of God's love in action among us, through us and for us:

  • Read our growing week-by-week collection of inspiration and encouragement at 
  • View the Story of the Week in our on-line booklet
  • Watch the video clips and share them with your congregation, school or community
  • Put Story of the Week in your bulletin notices, in members' pigeon holes or distribute via email with the interactive PDF (below)
  • Watch out for Story of the Week (including the video clips) on the LCA Facebook page.

Pew Bulletin Inserts

These are complete A5 pages that you can drop into place in your bulletin, or include as loose pages. We've put two side by side, to minimise the number of photocopies you need to make. Ideally you will print both pages (#1 and #2) back-to-back, but if you have room for only one page, that's fine too; perhaps alternate them week by week.


Single - JPG (for inserting into bulletin)

Double - PDF (for photocopying)



Interactive - PDF (for emailing)

These are the same as the regular inserts but they also have hyperlinks to the webpages. Click here (or on the image) to view the interactive copy. These interactive notices are for emailing to your congregation members--or you can simply copy/paste this link in your email to members

Please include this advice when emailing the interactive bulletin to members: 'You might receive a security warning when clicking on links. Please select 'allow' or 'trust' to gain access to these authorised LCA websites.'


Normal Format



Widescreen Format


All the slideshows are 'set and forget'; that is, no mouse clicking required unless you choose that setting in PowerPoint.

You can use our complete slideshow as is, or delete any slides you don't want to display. Or you can simply copy/paste the slides of your choice into your custom-made slideshow.

Two versions of the slideshow come with Where Love Comes to Life, our LCA theme song, which will play automatically. In order to help people read the slides and not be distracted by the music, we've set the default volume to Low. You can set it to Medium or High in PowerPoint. (You won't hear any sound if you don't have audio hooked up, of course.) We recommend that you do use a music version. It's a great way to encourage people to hurry into church - like a modern version of the church bell. Or, if you're playing the slideshow at the end of worship, Where Love Comes to Life is a wonderful tune to have people humming as they step out into another week of love and service in Christ's name. (Note that if you delete slides from the music slideshows, the music will run beyond the last slide.)