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Reconciliation Ministry is about relationships. Yes, training is available on how to Scripturally address the conflicts we all experience in daily life. Yes, conflict coaching, mediation, and church conflict services are available for specific conflicts. But Reconciliation Ministry is first and foremost about bringing healing and restoration to relationships fractured by conflict, restoration through the proclamation of the gospel.

When sinful thoughts, words and actions cause damage to relationships, the Christian has the blessing and privilege to confess those sins for the purpose of hearing the healing message of forgiveness through Christ. Reconciliation Ministry helps Christians identify their own contribution and that of others to conflict, and prepares them to either confess their own sin or to gently restore the person who has sinned against them.

Reconciliation Ministry is a lifestyle, not a program. The lifestyle of reconciliation is founded on gratitude for the forgiveness we have in Christ that moves the believer to serving others for the sake of Christ.

We are reconciled to God for the sake of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:16-21). We get to live in reconciliation with one another, also for the sake of Christ.

Training events

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Printed resources

  • Peacemaking Principles brochure
  • Tri-fold brochure describing the basics of biblical peacemaking
  • Announcing God’s Grace brochure
  • Tri-fold brochure for us in private confession and forgiveness
  • The Peacemaker by Ken Sande
  • Book covering the basics of biblical peacemaking including the 4 G’s, the 7 A’s of Confession, the 4 Promises of Forgiveness, and more
  • Confession & Forgiveness by Ted Kober
  • Biblical peacemaking from a Lutheran perspective
  • Cultivating Lifestyles of Reconciliation by Ted Kober and Ken Sande
  • Short book that helps develop the lifestyle of reconciliation in the local church.
  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers Bible study
  • 6-lesson Bible study designed for individual and group Bible study. Leader’s notes are included.
  • Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society Bible study
  • six-lesson Bible study addressing a topic of current need in society.
  • Forgiven to Forgive devotion booklet
  • 42 devotions all following a reconciliation theme; ideal for Lent
  • Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society DVD
  • DVD that accompanies the Bible study of the same name.
  • Interview with Ted Kober DVD
  • Interview divided into fifteen segments ideal for us with the Blessed are the Peacemakers Bible study
  • Bookmarks for reconciliation
  • Two packs of four bookmarks; each bookmark addresses a different reconciliation topic

Training resources

Blessed are the Peacemakers one-day Bible study seminar
Covers the basics of biblical peacemaking, including the 4 G’s, the 7 A’s of Confession, the 4 promises of forgiveness, the PAUSE principle for negotiation, and more.

Conflict Coaching two-day training
How do you advise someone who is seeking help with a conflict? Conflict Coaching training provides participants with basics on how to coach people in conflict and practice in applying the concepts.

Mediating People in Conflict two-day training
When people are unable to resolve their mutual disputes on the own, the church can provide help. Mediation is an application of Matthew 18:16 where one or two fellow Christians assist conflicted parties to work through their conflicts with the goal of reaching a God-pleasing, mutually agreeable conclusion. Similar to Conflict Coaching training, Mediation training teaches basic principles and gives opportunities to practice those principles in a safe, controlled environment.

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