Bible-Reading Plans


We've assembled the best Bible-reading plans we can find. They come recommended by our Australian Lutheran College teaching staff. No plan is better than another; the right one is the one you like and are able to stick with.

Some of these plans are for the whole Bible (in a year), but that's quite ambitious. If you want to go a little more slowly, then try to read only the New Testament in a year, and then maybe the Old Testament in the next year. You can of course start at any time of the year. The important thing is that you start!


This website offers a number of reading plans, including the whole Bible in a year, the New Testament in six months, and many other options. You can also choose from a range of delivery options, including print, email, phone and RSS feed ... but only the English Standard Version (ESV) is offered. Click here.


This website provides not only loads of reading plans but also a whole range of translations, including the old faithful King James, all the way through to the modern and easy-to-read The Message. Click here.


Old Faithfuls

This Old Testament Reading Guide (two years) and New Testament Reading Guide (one year) have been on the LCA website and served the people of the LCA for many years. Some diligent Bible-readers have asked for new reading guides, having completed these two series several times over now (well done!), which is why we're providing the new resources above. But if you haven't already tried these 'old faithfuls', we encourage you have a look and see if they suit you.

Old Testament Year 1

Old Testament Year 2


New Testament in a Year