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Australia Day honours for Lutherans

At least three Lutherans have been included in the Australia Day 2017 honours list. The congratulations of the church are offered to these and any other members who were honoured. Richard Bartholomaeus, Joan Lindner and John Wittwer each were awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia or OAM.

Richard Bartholomaeus, of West Lakes, South Australia, for service to the Lutheran Church of Australia and to aged care. Mr Bartholomaeus was the chair of Lutheran Homes Incorporated from 1982 to 1985 and from 1994 to 2015. He was its acting General Manager/CEO from 1991 to 1992 and board member from 1978 to 2015.

He was also the Chief Executive Officer of the Lutheran Laypeople's League of Australia from 1986 to 2008. He is former member of the LCA’s General Church Council, a past board member of Australian Lutheran College and past chair of the Lutheran Servicing Resource Committee. He is also a member of the church’s Loan Management Committee. He has been a board member of Lutheran Aged Care Australia since 2013. He is a member at St Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Adelaide.

Joan Lindner, of Tanunda, South Australia, for service to the community of Tanunda.

Mrs Lindner has been a board member of Tanunda Lutheran Home since 1977, as well as fundraiser and liaison officer. She was president of the Tanunda Lutheran Home Auxiliary from 1971 to1976. She is the treasurer of Trinity Lutheran Church, Rowland Flat, and has served as an organist and Sunday school teacher.

John Wittwer, of Hahndorf, South Australia, for service to the community of Hahndorf.

He has been the chair of the board of directors of St Paul's Lutheran Homes Hahndorf since 2009 and was a committee member in 2008.